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Icebreaker Invitational


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3rd Annual 7 v 7 Tournament for High School Women’s Teams

January 28, 2012



·      Tournament time: 10:00am-5:00pm

·      Registration opens at 9:15am and closes at 9:45am with the first game starting at 10:00am



   $600 PER TEAM , which includes:

·   12 tournament jerseys

·   A minimum of 6 games and a maximum of 8, depending on performance

**No Refunds After Registration Deadline


·      SAC Fields at Georgia Tech:             750 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30332

·      Parking information and directions will be emailed to all participants a week in advance of the tournament

Important Information:

·      Registering as early as possible is recommended. Participation in the tournament is by invitation only and will be limited to the first 14 teams that reply.

·      Games will be played on a turf field. No cleats allowed . Only tennis shoes or turf shoes permitted.

·      Team registration due by December 17th.


***College Recruiters from Georgia and surrounding states will also be attending the Icebreaker Tournament***

7 v 7 Format:                 

·      On the field there will be 7 field players plus a goalie (8 players in total on the field)

·      Schools can register more than one team

·      Each team is required to have an adult representative present for the duration of the tournament to lead the team from one game to the next, substitute players, etc.

·      Teams must register a minimum of 10 players and maximum of 12 players

·      Round Robin play for the first 6 games

·      Top 4 teams will continue to semifinalist games

·      Winners of the semifinalist games will play in the championship game

·      All games will have two 10 minute running clock halves with a 3 minute halftime and a 10 minute break between games


**If there are questions or concerns about the tournament, please contact Kevin Richards at or call at (678) 310-3442.

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Previous Year's Infomation:


On January 23, 2010 Georgia Tech Women's Lacrosse hosted the first ever Icebreaker Invitational Tournament. Ten local high school teams participated in the exciting day of lacrosse. After the round-robin play, the ATL/X Team defeated St. Pius in the first semifinal as Northview defeated Woodstock in the second. The championship game featured a fast-paced, high-scoring battle between Northview and the ATL/X Team, with Northview finishing on top to claim the tournament title. Congrats to Northview and to all the teams that participated!


Tournament Pictures: Click here!


Game Scores:

Championship: Northview 16, ATL/X Team 12

Semifinals: ATL X-Team 19, St. Pius X 10

                 Northview 22, Woodstock 12

Round Robin:

Round 1: Alpharetta 5, Northview 10

              Walton 5, Lassiter 10

              St. Pius X 7, Columbus A 6

              Woodstock 8, Lovett 3

Round 2: Lassiter 7, ATL/X Team 9

              Northview 8, Woodstock 12

              Columbus B 2, Lovett 9

              Alpharetta 3, St. Pius X 5

Round 3: Northview 18, Columbus A 6

              Woodstock 11, Walton 8

              ATL/X Team 16, Lovett 4

              Columbus B 0, Lassiter 15

Round 4: St. Pius X 14, Columbus B 7

              Columbus A 6, Walton 14

              ATL/X Team 15, Alpharetta 7

Round 5: Alpharetta 7, Lassiter 10

              St. Pius X 10, Lovett 5

              Columbus B 2, Woodstock 13

              Northview 15, Walton 7

Round 6: ATL/X Team 13, Woodstock 9

              Northview 14, Lassiter 8

              Lovett 10, Columbus A 4

Round 7: Columbus B 0, Walton 8

              Alpharetta 14, Columbus A 10

              St. Pius X 10, ATL/X Team 17





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